Jan 11, 2011

Education (and training)'s current transitional days

As Plutarch said in the II century, "the spirit is not a container to be filled, but rather a fire to be sparked". From dramatically wasted talent to the urgency in redefining the fundamentals of pedagogy, from the so encouraged stigmatization of non-stream skills to the impoverishing panic to making mistakes, from the misconception of intelligences to the blindness face to the power of collaboration... a look to the main challenges of education (and development) in the XIX century. Our sons will thank us tomorrow. For sure.

Ideas Factory Annual Seminar on youth unemployment across the EU

Just reflected on the Ideas Factory 2011 Annual Seminar I attended yesterday evening - an enthusiast, open discussion with the very clear title ‘Saving a generation: Is the fight against youth unemployment on the right track?’. On its programme, guest speakers Giuseppe Porcaro, Secretary General of the Brussels-based European Youth Forum, accompanied by a Member of Commissioner Vassiliou’s cabinet particularly keen on education matters, Jonathan Hill. The agenda was moderated by EU Observer‘s journalist Méabh McMahon. And in the front line, a specialized analysis on what is happening with the current cohorts of European youth, along with an introductory set of stimulating questions over what can public and private stakeholders do and how each of us can contribute to straighten out the rather alarming trends depicted by labour markets.

 Source: Employment in Europe 2010

Giving birth

What is more breathtaking than giving birth to an initiative full of creativity, innovative resources and shared inspiration?