May 10, 2011

Human Team Building

Can you imagine a company whose proposed services consist on taking your employees out to the real World to give a hand to those in need, in a gesture of solidarity, while experiencing a team building event, strengthening their cohesion through a very supportive and human action?

Organizations such as Hu-Bu (nominated under "Best HR Initiative of the Year 2010" category at the Belgian HR Excellence Awards) or Serve the City well prove that we are not talking dreams. Their work is to offer an unforgettable team building experience to their clients, on one side, and to give a real hand to helpless collectivities, by linking the ones with the others. Example of team building actions are: a group of employees organizing and serving on a social canteen, cleaning the facilities of an impoverished school, assisting elder people or helping out students in need with their homework...

With dozens of beneficial experiences already managed, these organizations affirm that the win-win-win output here is clear: the participant team is more strengthened than with usual away-days (given the fact that their experience is more human, meaningful and located on the real World), plus the cost of the team building is infinitely lower for their employer, meeting also social corporate responsibility goals. On the other hand, groups with basic needs are helped with concrete actions, stemming from their own evaluation of their needs. And finally, by shortening disparities, a societal mission is fulfilled, so society as a whole (or a district, city, region...) can benefit from it. 

Is this not an excellent idea? Maybe the future of team building?


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